Feature Artist Of The Month Farah Patel

Makeup Artist

I am Farah Patel,
 I m a Professtional makeup artist and a make-up educator based in Mumbai but Travel Globally for makeup work 
In my 15 years of journey I Have dolled up infinite number  of brides and thought more than 1000 students and 1000 Professtional across india.

I am specialised in international makeup from various international makeup trainers 
And certified by Atelier Paris make-up Academy 
I m also specialised in arabic makeup 

I expertise in Bold, glam, elegant, simple,You name it, Whatever your preference for bridal,party,runaway makeup is,I can deliver the look to you.
Converting my passion into profession, I love what I do and im very passionate about it, I learnt makeup from many Amazing Brazilian makeup artist and international academy’s , I like to set new trends in makeup and make everyone look even more beautiful than they are.

I am known to doll-up the brides as they wish to be and make their dream come true for their special day. I am known for all kind of makeup looks . I specialise in Arabic looks, international looks, and minimal subtle makeup looks. I love playing with colours but at the same time I love the warm duey look as well. Throughout my journey of being a makeup artist I’ve worked with a lot of celebrities as well as, well known brands. More than a makeup artist, I am a makeup trainer and a Makeup designer, i design looks based on the structure of your face, and which products work best for you skin.

I am a specialists with dewy glassy makeup look 
I don’t believe in layers n layers of cakey makeup that was done In The earlier days for the brides I set up to a whole new trend of minimal makeup for brides inspired from bollywood.
I guarantee my makeup last for more than 10 hours without any touch ups except the lipstick I am Known for it

I am known to be  extremely professional and punctual. Behind me there is a full pack team who is constantly there to achieve every client's individual whims and fancies.

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