Feature Artist Of The Month Harshita Ramlani

Do you believe that hiring a makeup artist is not necessary for your special day. It turns out that bridal makeup is different from regular makeup; it is professional makeup, thus you should have a professional do it. You sometimes feel anxious on your wedding day because it is a major milestone in your life. Some brides believe that spending money on professional makeup is a waste, but the truth is that it is just as essential as your wedding dress and jewellery.

The perfect makeup looks to complement your big day's gorgeous clothing requires a professional makeup artist. As a form of art, bridal makeup can only be done by a professional. These are the things to consider while selecting a makeup artist.

They are knowledgeable and have makeup experience. Unless you are a makeup artist, you may be able to do your own makeup, but you have probably never done a bridal makeup. Your makeup for your big day should be very different from your everyday makeup, but a makeup artist has experience working with a wide range of skin tones and facial shapes, so they can better identify what will look good on you.

Professional makeup artist Harshita Ramlani knows how to set your makeup so that it doesn't bulge or splatter and keeps you looking gorgeous throughout the wedding.

One of the best qualities of the best bridal makeup artist is that she listens to you in addition to offering suggestions and demonstrating the ideal look that is created just for you. Harshita Ramlani wants her brides to look their absolute best on their wedding day without sacrificing their comfort.

Being a perfectionist by nature, Harshita concentrates on giving her guests a new look by highlighting their features, hiding the flaws, and maintaining a natural look. She accomplishes this by giving you the ethereal look with a neat finish using high-end cosmetics like Nar’s, Estée Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia etc. They provide bespoke matrimonial services to help you find the ideal appearance based on your requirements, features, clothing, functions, and settings.

Harshita and her team also travel to wedding venues to provide the customer with wide range of services.

Harshita Ramlani believes in stunning makeovers and making her clients look like a dream on their wedding day. Her style focuses on giving her clients a natural and elegant transformation by enhancing their features and not overdoing it with makeup, providing them with an experience worthy of lifetime.