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Feature Artist Of The Month Nidhi Goel

Makeup Artist

Nidhi Goel is a top bridal and celebrity makeup artist from Gurgaon who also works freelance as a makeup artist throughout the country. She also owns her own studio there in Gurgaon.

She works extremely hard to make her client look both immaculate and attractive. She is an expert in selecting the proper shade of foundation and concealer for the client's skin type and skin tone, resulting in a base that is flawless. She has mastered the art of framing the face by emphasising the client's best features while simultaneously fixing the flaws using the appropriate correcting technique.

Nidhi also provides a wide range of fashionable makeup, including glass skin makeup, which gives the client a base that resembles luminous glass. Makeup that closely resembles skin tone to provide the customer a more natural appearance. For a light feel, airbrush makeup is used.

Soft, subtle, and natural looks for a fresh feel. Glam makeup for party looks. Nude makeup look for every modern bride. Last but not least, all brides-to-be should think about sporting a Royal Maharani Look.

In order to ensure that her client's skin looks its best on her special day, Nidhi believes that taking care of her client's skin is quite crucial

She uses a variety of high-end cosmetics brands, like Huda Beauty, Mac, Bobby Brown, Smash Box, Fenty Beauty , NARS , Anastasia Beverly Hills, Makeup Studio and many others, to ensure the perfect look. In order to prevent the client's skin from reacting after her function, she takes good care of the client while applying makeup. In order to make her clients' skin ideal for makeup, she also follow a good day and night skincare routine based on their skin type, such as oily, normal, dry, or combination.

Nidhi has experience in her field and is aware that a client's appearance also depends on her hairstyle, clothing, and jewellery. As a result, she does her best to assist her clients in selecting the appropriate clothing and jewellery for them and to help them achieve their best appearance after fully comprehending their goals.

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