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When it comes to your extraordinary day, finding the idealize cosmetics craftsman can make you feel like an entertainer has worked their enchantment. In Delhi, some remarkable craftsmen specialize in making dazzling bridal looks that upgrade your normal excellence. In this article, we reveal the beat 5 Cosmetics Craftsmen in Delhi who can change you into the bride you’ve continuously envisioned being.


When it comes to your uncommon day, finding the right cosmetics craftsman can make you feel like a conjurer has waved their wand. In Delhi, some uncommon craftsmen specialize in making staggering bridal looks that improve your normal magnificence. In this article, we reveal the best 5 Makeup Artists in Delhi who can change you into the bride you've continuously imagined being.

1. Artistry by Liza

Where Aesthetics Meets Elegance

Liza's Makeup is famous for its rich and creative approach to bridal cosmetics. Driven by Liza herself, the studio is celebrated for making immortal looks that reflect each bride's one-of-a-kind fashion and personality.

Why Liza's Makeup?

  • Specializes in both conventional and modern bridal looks.
  • Uses high-quality cosmetics items for long-lasting results.
  • Offers personalized interviews to guarantee your vision is met.

2. Parneet Kaur Narang

Glowing Brilliance, Each Time

Parneet Kaur Narang is all around upgrading your common brilliance with its faultless cosmetics abilities. She owns a beauty brand in Delhi namely- 'House-of-Vanity'. They are known for making delicate, shining looks that are idealize for brides who need to sparkle on their huge day.

What Sets Them Apart?

  • Expertise in enhancing with Photoshop cosmetics for a faultless finish.
  • Offers comprehensive bridal bundles counting trials and touch-ups.
  • Emphasizes skincare to guarantee your skin looks its best.

3. Aastha Nagpal

Sparkle Your Way to Perfection

Aastha Nagpal, a popular Makeup Artist in Delhi is a craftsmanship shape that shines with inventiveness and exactness. She specializes in making exciting looks that make each bride feel like sovereignty on her wedding day.

Key Highlights:

  • Known for her perplexing bridal haircuts that complement the makeup.
  • Uses the most recent makeup methods to accomplish staggering results.
  • Offers bridal bundles that incorporate cosmetics, hairstyling, and draping.

4. Russet by Rashi

Divinely Made Beauty

Rashi Grag is flawless in bridal cosmetics. Their group of skilled craftsmen guarantees that each bride gets customized cosmetics that improve her highlights and match her wedding theme.

Why Select Divine Magnificence Studio?

  • Rashi's cosmetics look to suit diverse social and individual preferences.
  • Uses premium cosmetics brands to accomplish an immaculate complexion.
  • Provides on-location administrations for included convenience.

5. Makeovers by Simran Khanna

Radiate Certainty and Beauty

Makeover by Simran Khanna specializes in making cosmetics looks that emanate certainty and magnificence. They are known for their consideration to detail and capacity to upgrade a bride’s common highlights whereas guaranteeing she feels her best on her extraordinary day.

Standout Features:

  • Offers personalized cosmetics trials to finalize your bridal look.
  • Uses an assortment of cosmetics procedures to accomplish diverse styles.
  • Provides cosmetics administrations for bridesmaids and family individuals as well.


Choosing the right Makeup craftsman is vital to accomplishing your dream bridal see. These Best 5 Makeup Artists in Delhi are experts at their creation, each bringing a one-of-a-kind touch to upgrade your normal magnificence on your wedding day. Whether you lean toward an exciting or unpretentious see, these specialists can make your bridal vision a reality.

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