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And, the day comes when you are finally searching for it, “bridal makeup”, “bridal makeup artist” and the endless list of similar searches. Besides looking for the best makeup artists near you, here are some makeup hacks that will certainly make you look stunning on your wedding day.

1. The Minimalistic Look Makeup

The summers are here, keeping your makeup minimal to prevent it from bleeding as temperatures soar would be another great idea. Bright lip colours give that instant freshness and look wonderful in sunny weather; in by any chance you have your wedding at the day time. A makeup artist’s secret is to use a setting spray so your makeup lasts longer, so anything that helps the makeup retention would work the best for you.

2. For the Oily Skin Brides
A sweaty oily and oily T-zone is something that could be your nightmare for the summary hot day. A perfect foundation base and a water-based moisturizer can be for the rescue. Finishing with a good quality pressed powder ( look for the one that can absorb sweat) will be further adding up to your non-patchy or cakey looks.Although, another hack would be to celebrate in an air-conditioned marriage resort.

Summers can make a bride’s skin oily so the remedy to glowing (but not shining) during the hot months is oil-free makeup. After applying a fine amount of primer, the application of an oil-controlling foundation instead of an oil-based one would be instrumental. Ensure that your makeup is waterproof so that your makeup lasts longer and keeps you looking radiant all day.

3. Detox and High Fluid Intake

A summer’s bride should be extra cautious to take care of their skin. Drinking ample water and fluids like coconut water, fresh juices and lemon water is indispensable. The make-up cheat code to put up here is to regularly hydrate the skin with water-based moisture lock lotions. For this, we suggest using the new Hydra Airbrush foundation by Temptu Air which can create a beautiful sheer base that lasts hours and looks natural. Furthermore, A good matt powder is the tool to keep that extra shine away.

4. Tackling the makeup meltdown hazard

A makeup meltdown can be the biggest nightmare for a summer bride but there are ways to fix it. If you have extremely oily skin, skipping the moisturizer here would be a wise decision. A matte primer like the COVER FX would work well on acne-prone skin. Subsequently, using powder-based bronzers and eyeshadow as they do not crease and are long-lasting, would too add up as a precautionary step. Not to forget the use of Waterproof mascara along with the makeup setting spray. Putting up something like the Urban Decay All Nighter – to give your face a natural finish would be adding up the star finish. And, not to forget, blotting paper would also do wonders when it is an outdoor destination

5. Summer- is a colour season too

Summer undoubtedly is a season of fresh, vibrant colors, thus putting up these wouldn’t be any odd. The hack is to use tinted concealer and a foundation with an oil-free primer base.

Author by - Bhuvesh Digvijay Sharma...

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