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1. Affirmations and acknowledgment of Terms of Service

The services offered at weddingbyte.com and any subdomains, are given to you under the terms and conditions of this weddingbyte.com Terms of Service ("Terms of Service")
These Terms of Use (this "Agreement") set forth the lawfully binding terms for your utilisation and are to be conformed with in addition to any agreement or terms settled upon between the Parties for the Weddingbyte Services.
By using the Weddingbyte Services, whether as a " guest Visitor" (meaning you simply browse the Weddingbyte.com site) or as a "User" (meaning you have registered with and/or submitted content to the Weddingbyte website either as an individual or as a company), you consent to be bound by this Agreement and the Weddingbyte Privacy Policy situated at www.weddingbyte.com/privacy.
this Agreement incorporates your priviliges, obligations and limitarion regarding your utilisation of the Weddingbyte Services, please read it cautiously.
User (and “You”) may refer to both Customers as well as Vendors for the purpose of this Agreement. The expression “Customer” shall refer to individuals or Parties undertaking Weddingbyte Services through the Weddingbyte platform and the term “Vendor” refers to the individual or entities listed on the WEDDINGBYTE platform who offer services independently to the customers.
In the event that you disagree with the Terms of this Agreement, you should leave the Weddingbyte Website and end use of the Weddingbyte Services immediately. If you wish to become a User, submit content, video or images, communicate with other Users and generally make use of the Weddingbyte Services, you must read this Agreement and indicate your acceptance during the content submission process. By using the Weddingbyte services or by doing any of the above, you are complying with all our terms and conditions and clauses mentioned hereinafter.
Weddingbyte may change this Agreement occasionally and each alteration or change will be effective when it is posted on the Weddingbyte Website. You consent to be bound to any changes to this Agreement through your continued use of the Weddingbyte Services. You will not be informed of any modifications to this Agreement so it is important that you review this Agreement regularly to ensure you are updated as to any changes.

2. Registration

You are needed to register with Weddingbyte in the event you want to write a review, create profiles of reward recipients, create and access your reminders, and view and edit your profile. To enroll with Weddingbyte you must supply a valid email address, which will be used as a unique identifier for your records , account and a password.

3. Description of service

Weddingbyte.com provides users with a variety of online services, including but not limited to: Weddingbyte.com will suggest rewards for couple and family based on certain data you provide to us about the recipient such as age, relationship with you, and the special events. You may further filter reward ideas based on a specified price range, the recipient’s personality, the type of reward, approximate delivery date, mode of payment, reward category, and city of the recipient. Weddingbyte.com also provide the facility of creating wedding website to couple along with a complete information about the wedding service and wedding related products facilitators like banquets , meal services etc a complete advertising model.

4. Content

Weddingbyte doesn't guarantee any proprietorship rights in the text, files, pictures, video, sounds, melodic works, works of authorship, or any other materials (collectively, "client Content") that you upload to, submit to, or embed on the Weddingbyte platform; expect content created in collaboration with the Weddingbyte team for its own events/ perusal.
You are exclusively answerableand responsible for any data, text, images, messages, or different materials ("Content") which is communicating, posted, or conveyed by you through the Service, however not restricted to the contents of your information or reviews.
Weddingbyte does not take liability to guarantee protection of the content posted on the website/platform. In the event that the Vendor posts content on the website and the same is infringed by another Vendor or any other third party, it shall not be the liability of Weddingbyte. We attempt to prevent such copying and infringement by applying our watermark on each image, but take no responsibility to further protect the content.
All Content posted by you is your sole duty. Weddingbyte.com does not control the Content posted by users for example yourself through the Service and, as such, does not ensure the accuracy, integrity or nature of such Content.
you represent and warrant that you own the User Content posted by you on or through the Weddingbyte Services. or that you otherwise have sufficient right, title and interest in and to such User Content to grant Weddingbyte the licenses and rights
By no means will Weddingbyte.com be liable in any capacity for any Content posted by any user or third party, including, yet not restricted to, liability for any misatakes or any oversight in any Content or for any loss or damage of any kind incurred as a result of the utilisation of any Content posted via the Service. Subject to the terms of Weddingbyte.com Privacy Policy, you agree if you post any Content on the Weddingbyte.com Site, you award and grant to Weddingbyte.com, and its successors and assigns, a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, non-revocable license, in and to the Content, to distribute, display, modify, redistribute, sublicense and reproduce such Content to other users of the Service and to third parties with whom Weddingbyte.com has a relationship.
You additionally award Weddingbyte.com the option to approve to authorize the downloading and printing in whole or in part of any Content that you post to the Weddingbyte.com.
The Weddingbyte Services contain Content of different Users and other Weddingbyte licensors ("Third Party Content") and you are allowed to get the Third Party Content solely for your personal utilisation in connection with viewing the Weddingbyte Website and using the Weddingbyte Services. Without restricting the generality of the previous, you consent that you shall not duplicate, change, interpreted, publish, broadcast, transmit, license, sublicense, assign, distribute, perform, display, or sell any outside Party Content sharing on or through the Weddingbyte Services. In any User is discovered to be in violation of another person’s Intellectual Property or any other rights in any manner, they shall be absolutely and solely liable and no liability shall be laid down on Weddingbyte for the same.

5. Services void where disallowed

Utilisation of the Services is void where disallowd. By utilising this Service, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to comply by all the Terms and Conditions of this Agreement.

6. Copyright policy/infringing material

You may not post, convey, or repeat in any capacity any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information owned or controlled by someone else without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights.
In the event we become mindful that one of our users is a recurrent copyright infringer, it is our strategy to take sensible steps within our power to terminate that user. Without restricting the previous, if you believe that your work has been copied and posted on the Weddingbyte Services in a way that constitutes copyright encroachment, please provide us with relevant proof and we will be glad to take remedial action accordingly.

7. Vendors

Every Vendor acknowledge that they are only listed on the Weddingbyte platform, through which they get reach to their target clienta. Each Vendor creates their profile on the Weddingbyte website and ensures to provide right information regarding such profiles. Any deception of their identity or work shall be their obligation alone and not the liability of Weddingbyte. Vendors consent and acknowledge that they are entering into transactions and offering services to the Customer freely and are aware WEDDINGBYTE is in no way involved, apart from being a listing platform. Weddingbyte, however expects Vendors to maintain quality of service and make no misrepresentations whatsoever.
Vendors shall not utilise any outsider photographs or content and represent them as being their own. Any such deception will be the liability of the Vendor alone.


You must not utilize any elements or material of the Weddingbyte.com Service for chain letters, junk mail, or "Spamming" nor make any use of the distribution lists in a manner involving any person who has not allowed the specific permission to be included in such a process.

9. Notices

Weddingbyte.com may give notice to you by e-mail, a posting on the website, or other sensible methods. You must give notice to Weddingbyte.com in writing via e-mail or as otherwise expressly provided by Weddingbyte.com may broadcast, distribute or display notices or messages through the Weddingbyte.com Service to inform you of changes to the TERMS OF SERVICE, the Service, the Privacy Policy or other matters of importance. Such broadcast, distributions or displays of information will establish notice to you.

10. Privacy policy

It is Weddingbyte.com policy to respect the privacy of its users. Weddingbyte.com policies with regard to Personally Identifiable data it collects from you, what information third parties affiliated with Weddingbyte.com collect from you and how that data is utilized is governed by the Weddingbyte.com Privacy Policy

11. Security

You are exclusively answerable for keeping the confidentiality of your password and account, and for any and all activities that happens under your account. You consent to tell Weddingbyte.com immediately of any unapproved use of your account or any other breach of security known to you. You should immediately inform Weddingbyte.com of actual or apparent breaches of security, such as loss, theft, or authorized disclosure or use of a user account or password. Until is informed of a breach in security, you will remain liable for any unapproved use of the Weddingbyte.com Service through your account. In consideration for utilising the Weddingbyte.com Service, you consent to: (1) give certain current, complete, and exact data about you when prompted to do so by the Service, and (2) keep up and maintain this information as required to keep it current, complete and accurate. If any information provided by you during your original registration is inaccurate, Weddingbyte.com reserves the right to terminate your account immediately and your entitlement to use the Weddingbyte.com Service.

12. No resale or business use, Maltreatment of the service

Your entitlement to use the Weddingbyte.com Service is personal to you. You consent not to resell or make any commercial use of the Weddingbyte.com Service without the express assent of Weddingbyte.com . You may not make bots or other PC generated automatic tools to abuse the Weddingbyte.com Service in any way. Use that constitutes abuse shall be determined by Weddingbyte.com in its sole discretion. Weddingbyte.com reserves the right to terminate your account if Weddingbyte.com decides you have not complied with these

13. Termination

You may end your participation in the Weddingbyte.com Service with or without cause at any time and effective immediately. Weddingbyte.com may end the Weddingbyte.com Service or your use of the Service with or without cause at any time and effective immediately, at Weddingbyte.com’s sole discretion, by immediate termination of your use of the Weddingbyte.com Service should your conduct fail to conform to the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. Weddingbyte.com will not be liable to you or any outside party for end of the Weddingbyte.com Service or end of your use of the Weddingbyte.com Service.

14. Reviews on Vendor profiles

Reviews written for mercahnt/vendors on their Weddingbyte profile are a significant instrument for new couples as well as vendors. We therefore take most extreme care to uphold the honesty & credibility of reviews on our website.
You can report a review to Weddingbyte for Verification at weddingbyte3@gmail.com. at the point when a review is reported by the vendor, the weddingbyte team is informed : 1) The review is temporarily disabled from vendor’s profile, automatically. 2) Weddingbyte will contact the reviewer within 24 working hours and ask to submit the proof. The verification case will be closed if the reviewer fails to submit the proof within 7 days after being contacted. a) If Weddingbyte receives proper satisfactory proof - The review will be reinstated on the vendor profile within 1 week, after notification to the vendor & the reviewer. b) If Weddingbyte does not proper satisfactory proof - The review will remain disabled and the verification case will be closed, after notification to the vendor & the reviewer.
Note that Weddingbyte can't & doesn't check and affirm to everything written in the reviews on vendor profiles. However, we maintain a fair examination & verification process of the reviews once reported to ensure that reviews on Weddingbyte are posted by genuine users of clients of vendors and that they follow our terms.
Weddingbyte reserves the authority to disable a review of the reviewer who has been proven to have not been hired the vendor through involvement of Weddingbyte, for any reason. Weddingbyte has the sole authority to decide whether reported reviews are to be further investigated or not.

15. Adjustments to the service and to terms of service

Weddingbyte.com maintains all authority to alter or suspend the Weddingbyte.com Service with or without notice to you. weddingbyte.com shall not be liable to you if Weddingbyte.com modifies or discontinues its Service.
Weddingbyte.com may change the terms and conditions of the Terms of Service at any time in its sole discretion. In case of any material or substantial change in the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service, Weddingbyte.com may notify you via e-mail, and/or by posting an announcement of the changes together with a link to the new Terms of Service on the Weddingbyte.com Service. By using the Weddingbyte.com Service after any change in the Terms of Service you acknowledge and accept changes to the Terms of Service

Without restricting the generality of the prior, Weddingbyte is not liable for any wrong or erroneous Content posted on the Weddingbyte Website or in connection with the Weddingbyte Services. User Content created and posted on the Weddingbyte Website may contain links to other websites. Weddingbyte is not responsible for the accuracy or opinions contained in User Content or on third party websites linked from User Content. Weddingbyte is not responsible for the security of the third Party websites and any such websites accessed by the User is their sole liability. Such websites are in no way investigated, monitored or checked for accuracy or completeness by Weddingbyte.

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